Darius Slay Tweets and Deletes Joke in Response to Video of Policeman Getting Hit by Flying Object

Let’s check in on new Eagles cornerback Darius Slay.

Hmm, well here he is today with a joke tweet in response to a video that shows a police officer getting knocked over by a thrown object:

You need the full video for context here.

Not sure where this was filmed, but the officer is facing away from demonstrators and going to open his car door, when he gets clocked in the back of the head/neck area but some sort of circular flying object. Looks like a hubcap or garbage can lid or something along those lines. The cop falls to the ground and you can hear people sort of hooting and hollering in the background:

The “Captain America” reference is because the flying saucer-looking thing resembles like the Marvel character’s shield, which he throws like a boomerang at bad guys. You’d have to be a comic book dork or watch one of the recent movies to understand the joke.

Anyway, people were upset because they thought Slay was exhibiting anti-cop sentiment by making light of the situation. He deleted the post, which was probably the smart thing to do. But it goes both ways, doesn’t it? If we’re gonna rip Sam Carchidi for being insensitive to social justice issues via his dumb question to Flyers players, then Slay should also be criticized for his flippancy.

Carry on.

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