Get Your Back-to-School Propane Delivered by Cynch!

We’re nearing the end of August, which means one thing: it’s Back to School season. Whether you’re a college student heading back to campus or a parent looking to escape the classroom you’ve set up for the kids at home, our friends at Cynch can help you replace your empty propane tank with their fantastic delivery service.

If you’re a college student moving into a new house, the last thing you should have to worry about is lugging an old tank from your parents’ house, taking up valuable real estate in your trunk. If you’re a parent trying to juggle working from home while playing the role of online education facilitator, wondering whether or not you have enough propane to fuel your grill is probably the last thing on your mind. Plus, who has time to take that scuzzy old tank to the convenience store, wait in line, and listen to the tank rattle around in the back of your car?

Thanks to our friends at Cynch, you won’t have to. That’s because Cynch will come to your house, pick up your old tank, and leave a full propane tank on your doorstep. No stress. No hassle. Just a new propane tank to fuel your grilling needs. If you’re worried about paying a premium for such a delivery service, don’t! Cynch will get you set up for less than half the cost of a traditional propane tank exchange at most stores. If you use our promo code ITSLIT5, Cynch will swap your propane tank for a full tank for just $10. Yes, seriously, just $10. If you’re a college student who doesn’t have a tank to swap out or you’re just in the market to add a second or third tank to add to your grilling inventory, Cynch can hook you up! Use our promo code ITSLIT5 and Cynch will bring a full propane tank to your home for just $49.99.

Get a great price and let Cynch take care of all of the physical labor. Schedule your delivery today!

We still have at least another month of beautiful warm weather before we transition to the cool fall days that accompany football season. While you might only think of grilling on gameday, there are plenty of other ways to use the propane Cynch delivers! Our friends at Cynch are the masters in utilizing propane in a variety of ways and what sets them apart from everyone else is their incredibly convenient, low-cost delivery service.

Need a propane-fueled heat lamp for those chilly fall nights out on the patio? Cynch has you covered. Maybe you want to entertain friends and family around the fire, but a wood-fueled fire pit is too much hassle and leaves behind way more cleanup than you want to deal with. Cynch has you covered.

Make sure to order your Cynch tank to be fully prepared for any scenario. They’ll even take away your old tank for free. Use our promo code ITSLIT5 to get your first tank exchange for only $10!

Cynch wants to make your delivery the easiest for you. Now, thanks to a new delivery option, you won’t be required to put the tank on your front step. For a small fee, Cynch will now pick up a tank from alongside your house, in the side yard, or even your backyard!

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