Governor Tom Wolf Now Recommending No High School Sports Until 2021 (Update)

At last check, the PIAA was moving ahead with fall sports in the Commonwealth, setting an August 17th start date for practices.

Apparently that’s.. not a thing now? Or it’s not supposed to be?

Today Governor Wolf was asked about allowing parents in the stands at high school games this fall, and responded with this, completely out of the blue, courtesy of WJAC TV out in Johnstown:

“The guidance is that we ought to avoid any congregant settings, and that means anything that brings people together and is going to help that virus get us,” Wolf said. “And we ought to do anything we can to defeat that virus, so anytime we get together for any reason, that’s a problem because it makes it easier for that virus to spread. “So, the guidance from us — the recommendation is that we don’t do any sports until January 1.”

Huh? Really? Right now? You’re going to say that on August 6th?

The PIAA was apparently shocked to hear this, according to Ryan Eldredge at Harrisburg’s CBS 21:

Need a response ASAP, because when the PIAA announced on July 15th that sports would be played this fall, they selected a date of August 10th for football heat acclimatization. That’s Monday morning, so if high school sports are getting the axe, then players, coaches, parents, and administrators need to know.


The PIAA will figure this out tomorrow –