Gregg Murphy “Disappointed” to Leave NBC Sports Philadelphia, but Grateful for 20 Years at the Network

via Twitter

Imagine you’re off the air while waiting for COVID test results, then your employer calls you and tells you that your job is being eliminated.

That’s what Phillies field reporter Gregg Murphy experienced this week when he was informed that he’ll no longer be with NBC Sports Philadelphia following the conclusion of this shortened MLB campaign.

The good news is that he’s negative for Coronavirus, according to a Twitter post in which he explains that he’ll be back to Phillies coverage soon.

He also wrote this message for viewers:

Most of the people who will not be returning to NBCSP were given 60 days notice, and will finish out their respective seasons. Not sure if that’s a raw deal or a good deal, maybe the latter since it gives these folks time to find new jobs. What I do know is that the network is a shell of what it once was. Imagine losing Derrick Gunn, Ron Burke, Neil Hartman, Marshall Harris, Andy Schwartz, and a laundry list of other talented people over the course of a few short years. Comcast SportsNet is hardly recognizable these days. A husk.

(Throw in the departures of Vai Sikahema and Denise Nakano at sister station NBC 10, and soon you won’t recognize anybody at any of their properties here in Philly. Gotta save $$$)

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