Noise Complaints: Tissue-soft Yankees Upset After Loss


We learned a few things about the Yankees this week during their series split with the Phillies:

  1. Gerrit Cole is the real deal.
  2. That lineup can flat-out swing it.
  3. They are Charmin-soft.

I wrote about this in my game observations, but this is such a ridiculous story that it deserves its own post.

I was finishing up my story at the ballpark tonight when I got a DM from Dave Uram of KYW Newsradio asking me about this video of Yanks starter Jordan Montgomery:

Honestly, I didn’t even understand at first. Was Montgomery upset about the noise coming from the self-titled “Phandemic Krew” hanging out in center field beyond the gates of Citizens Bank Park?

No, actually, he wasn’t.

He was upset with the Phillies broadcast team for “being really loud.” Lol, what? Come on, dude. Naturally, I had to check in with T-Mac to get his thoughts on these troubling accusations:


Sure is, Tom.

Earlier in the evening, Yankees manager Aaron Boone confronted umpires over some noise, namely, an air horn, coming from outside of the stadium.


After the game, Boone tried to explain his ridiculous complaints.

All right. So, to recap:

  1. A group of like eight people, who weren’t even in the stadium, disrupted the “golf environment” of his team’s at-bats.
  2. Boone, who “didn’t necessarily think they (the umpires) would be able to do anything about it” still felt the need to throw his tantrum.
  3. The Yankees’ starting pitcher was upset because he heard Tom McCarthy was being loud on Wednesday.
  4. The Yankees, who Boone once described as “savages,” couldn’t overcome the raucous atmosphere of a game officially attended by *checks notes* zero fans.

Would like to say I’m surprised by a high-profile baseball guy such as Boone being totally tone deaf when it comes to a story like this, but I’m not.

In fact, this is exactly the type of thing baseball needs right now. Something fun. Something that builds a little bit of intrigue, you know, gets people talking about the sport beyond the action on the field. Instead, you have Aaron Boone and Jordan Montgomery out here explaining golf etiquette like it’s the 16th hole on a Sunday at Shinnecock.

Get lost, dweebs.

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