Oakland A’s Coach Apologizes for Nazi Salute


An Oakland Athletic’s bench coach is apologizing after giving the Sieg Heil salute after the A’s beat the Rangers on Thursday. Here’s the video of Ryan Christenson throwing his arm out the way the Nazis used to do it:

You can see pitcher Liam Hendricks grabbing his elbow and correcting the coach during the salutation line.

Apology from Christenson:

“I made a mistake and will not deny it. Today in the dugout I greeted players with a gesture that was offensive. In the world today of COVID I adapted our elbow bump, which we do after wins, to create some distance with the players. My gesture unintentionally resulted in a racist and horrible salute that I do not believe in. What I did is unacceptable, and I deeply apologize.”

The A’s called the gesture “incredibly offensive” and “are deeply sorry this happened on our playing field.”

We’ll see if this passes or if Christenson gets cancelled.

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