The Flyers Are an Unbelievable Bet to Win Lord Stanley’s Cup

Money Puck

It’s been so many years since the Flyers hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup. The collective Type OB fans have waited decades. I personally snuck into the CORESTATES CENTER in 1997 to catch a glimpse of Game 1 against the Red Wings… only to see the Flyers flounder and choke that night and for the next three games.

So it would figure that they might get over that threshold in front of exactly no fans this year.

Count me ALL ABOARD the Flyers bandwagon train (sell the Sixers, SELL!).

It seems is on the rails, too. They give the Flyers the second best chance of winning it all, and best chance to win the Eastern Conference.

Get them now.

Taking a look at our new odds compare tool, you can see there are several teams priced higher than the Orange and Black:

How do those odds translate to win probability?

The consensus +888 (hmm) futures odds imply a 10.1% win probability— nearly identical to what Money Puck lists. But at +1000, which is currently available at PointsBet in New Jersey (click here ), the implied probability is down to 9.1%.

More telling, if the Flyers eventually gain that Bruins spot for second overall, we can expect their implied odds to blast up to 13%, meaning a much more expensive bet at +669.

When it comes to the East, things are even better.

The consensus Flyers odds are +493. That implies a 16.9% win probability. Money Puck, meanwhile, gives them closer to a 20% chance to win the East. So there’s clear value to be had there.

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