Angry Michael Barkann is the Best Michael Barkann

In case you missed it, the Phillies’ bullpen blew another game last night.

It was 6-3 Phils in the 8th inning when Starling Marte knocked in a three-run double to tie it up. In the 9th, a base hit up the middle scored Monte Harrison and won the game 7-6 for the Marlins, dropping the Phillies to 21-19 on the season.

After the game, Mike Barkann was very blunt in stating that the bullpen “sucks” –

Not sure about you, but I appreciate angry Michael Barkann. The bluntness and candor is refreshing. He ripped Nick Pivetta back in August, and now this, so perhaps it’s the beginning of a new Barkann. A frustrated and irritated Barkann who sees what we see and decides to call out this bullshit on live television.

The Phillies’ bullpen ERA is now 7.35, which is the worst in baseball. 23 earned runs in their last six games.

They absolutely stink.

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