Anybody Ordering Red Lobster’s New Mountain Dew Margarita?

from Red Lobster

This doesn’t have anything to do with Philadelphia sports, but damn… would you drink one of these?

Check out Red Lobster’s new Mountain Dew margarita:

Red Lobster says the rim is red sugar, and not crushed doritos, which is what we were hoping for.

They said this about availability:

“The DEW Garita will be available in select restaurants in September and rolled out to all locations nationwide by the end of the year. Please contact your local restaurant to find out when it will be available!”

Let’s find out if the DEW Garita is available in our region. I’ll call the Red Lobster on Baltimore Pike in Secane. We need a second person to dial up the location on the Boulevard*, and if you live in New Jersey, somebody stop by Cherry Hill and Deptford and poke your head in the door. Ask the manager if they’ve got the goods. And if they do, I’ll take a DEW Garita and two dozen cheddar bay biscuits. Bring them to Fishtown.

*I’d like to apologize for an error I made on Monday. I stated that the Flyers Skate Zone near the airport was located in the GREAT Northeast, but a Facebook commenter noted that Decatur Road is in the FAR Northeast.

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