Carson Wentz is the NFL’s Worst QB Throwing from a Clean Pocket

Photo credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t need stats to tell us how much Carson Wentz is struggling right now, but every once in a while something jumps off the page. It commands your attention while slapping you across the face.

Here’s one of those numbers that helps tell the most aggravating story in the Philly sports news cycle:

Unfortunately that’s the extent of the data we have. Couldn’t tell you how many times he’s thrown from a clean pocket this season, because Pro Football Focus makes you pay for their premium stats at the $34.99 a month, or $199 a year.

But if we’re using our own two eyes, it’s pretty easy to corroborate the notion that Carson has been wildly inaccurate this season.

A few charts over the Next Gen page don’t distinguish between clean pockets or non-clean pockets, but you can see what Carson is completing and missing in these splash graphics.

Week one:

Two touchdowns, couple of long passes, including the completion to Jalen Reagor. Eight of his 24 completions (33%) were behind the line of scrimmage.

Week two:

He only threw two passes more than 20 yards down the field. One was picked, one was completed. Zero touchdowns in the Rams game.

Week three:

One completed pass beyond 20 yards.

That’s an interesting stat to track, because we kept telling ourselves that the Birds were going to be infinitely more explosive this year with Reagor and a healthy DeSean Jackson. Heading into week four, both of those guys are injured and Carson is 4-10 with a touchdown and a pick on pass attempts of 20 yards or more.

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