Charles Barkley has never shied away from sharing a Sixers opinion, or any opinion, really.

Most of Sir Charles’ criticism has centered around Joel Embiid, who he suggests is not performing at the level he’s capable of while also bluntly asserting that he’s out of shape. That’s a sentiment echoed by Shaquille O’Neal as well, who sees a dominant big man who is not consistently dominating.

Barkley recently went on ESPN radio and was asked about the Sixers, saying this:

“Both of those guys just walked over Brett Brown. Brett Brown is a good man, a good coach, but they walked all over him. We should not be having all of these questions five or six years into somebody’s career.”

He’s not wrong, is he? There’s more to pull out of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and Brett Brown wasn’t able to do it. So you move on to the next coach and give your star players a different voice and perhaps they’ll respond to that. It’s really the only way to proceed, since the Sixers don’t have the cap room to make wholesale roster changes, which means that they just need more from Simmons, Embiid, and Tobias Harris, too, who was really disappointing in Orlando.