Doug Pederson Describes Offensive Self-Destruction as “Disheartening”

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re the religious type, pray for sports talk radio hosts this week.

And if you’re not religious, then spare a thought for them during a silent moment of secular meditation.

It’s gonna be a rough one on 94 WIP, 97.5 the Fanatic, 97.3 ESPN, and Fox Sports the Gambler, but luckily the latter two stations don’t take phone calls and might come out of this with their sanity intact.

Anyway, Doug Pederson did his contractually-obligated Monday morning phone call with Angelo Cataldi today and said he watched the Washington film on his iPad during the return trip from Landover:

“Kind of a tale of two halves. To score points on three out of your first four drives and the defense to play the way they were playing, and then the offense to sort of just self-destruct in the second half, it’s just disheartening. It’s disappointing because we’re better than that. We’ve got good players on this roster and good players in key positions that we just didn’t (perform) all around. I point the finger at me too, and it starts there, but we have to do better.”

On the first interception, Cataldi asked if Doug should not have called that play (the intermediate sideline throw to Jalen Reagor) –

“No, not at all. This is what people have to understand; obviously in this league, whether it’s 17-0, 20-0, you look around, 17 points in this league is not a win. And by no means am I going to sit on the ball or do any of that, and I trust my guys and put them in position to be successful. It’s unfortunate and is a costly mistake, obviously, and it wasn’t the only one. I’m gonna continue to put our guys in that position. If we’re gonna get better as a team we have to continue to do that, and show confidence in the guys. I would definitely do that again but at the same time, I would maybe coach that play, the quarterback, the protection, whatever we have to do to make that play better.”

Here’s that play again –

Not a great throw, and a tough play for a rookie to make. Alshon Jeffery would have done a much better job attacking that ball.

Doug also talked about perhaps doing more with the tight ends, as blockers, to help bolster the right side of the offensive line. He also said the defense played well, got after the quarterback, and “stymied the run.” He did note that there were some “substitution issues that need to get fixed,” but admitted that the defense was out on the field a lot because the offense couldn’t get their shit together.

Here’s the full audio for your listening pleasure:

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