Houston Sports Radio Guy Calls Co-Host a “Bitch” Before Walking Off Show

via Funhouse Twitter Account

Behold, one of the most uncomfortable segments of sports talk radio you will ever witness. This clip makes a Butch from Manayunk phone call feel smooth and enjoyable. It makes me yearn for Jim from Havertown and Steven Singer Jewelers.

A couple of guys at 97.5 in Houston got into the radio version of a “hold me back” non-fight, when one became frustrated that the other wasn’t invested in a conversation about James Harden and trade destinations:

Our lawyers will be contacting Funhouse over the “RADIO WARS” brand (not really). But in a weird way, isn’t it somewhat satisfying to know that sports radio is dysfunctional in markets outside of Philadelphia as well? You’ve got these guys, you’ve got the Chicago dude who got fired Tuesday, and you’ve got all of the Mike Francesa nonsense of years past.

Now let’s go back to the phones.

Mike from South Philly, you’re up.

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