Howard Eskin Calls Harry Potter a “Moron”

A new website called Defector launched this week.

It’s the site created by the former Deadspin writers, who quit en masse after ownership changed and then some of their people were canned in a “stick to sports” disaster that got a lot of national press.

One of the Defector folks is Philadelphia’s own Dan McQuade, who put together a video of Daniel Radcliffe reading the worst tweets of 2020. Naturally, Howard Eskin’s “Lawrence McCutcheon” faux pas made the reel, and the Harry Potter actor read through one of the best sporting gaffes in Philadelphia history:

Naturally, Howard responded the way you’d expect he would respond – by insulting the person while not having a firm grasp of the situation.

In this tweet, he calls Radcliffe a moron, gets the date of his tweet wrong, and doesn’t understand that Harry Potter is simply reading a list of tweets that were presented to him by somebody else:

Howard Eskin is The King. A Philadelphia legend. He works harder than everybody else in the business.

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