“I Would Have Liked to Play Better,” Admits Claude Giroux in Season-Ending Media Session

Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

Claude Giroux’s bubble goal-scoring struggles were well-documented in the Philadelphia sports media.

The Flyers captain scored just once in Toronto while adding seven assists, but the stat being passed around didn’t focus too much on his non-goal contributions. Detractors were more focused on the fact that he’s only scored twice in 28 playoff games dating back to 2016.

That resulted in some folks wondering if G still had it, and thinking about his role moving forward, as he gets set to turn 33 in January.

Today he did his season-ending media availability via web call, and these were the three quotes worthy of sharing from an otherwise boring session:

On conditioning, which Alain Vigneault talked about recently, suggesting that Giroux might have to try something different to keep himself in top shape as he gets older:

“I haven’t talked to AV. I’ve been with the Flyers for 13 years and I’ve been committed to this organization. Every offseason I think I do a great job to be a little better. Obviously when you get a little bit older, however the season went on, you always want to tweak the way you work out. That’s something that I might have to tweak one or two things. At the end of the day, I think every time camp starts, I’m in great shape. I expect the same here.”

On his individual performance and how the playoffs unfolded:

“Personally, obviously it’s not a secret, I would have liked to play better. I think as the playoffs went on, I was starting to feel a little bit better. It was obviously a unique tournament that we had. You are off a couple months and then you go straight to playoffs. It was hard for everybody, but it just felt like it took me a little bit longer to kind of get going. Against Montreal, we were able to adapt to the way they were playing and when we played the Islanders we couldn’t adapt to the way they were playing. We found ways to win some big games, Game 5 and 6 in overtime. Those are not easy wins when your season’s on the line, but we found ways to get it done. It’s just good that everybody stuck together.”

Regarding past regression following a playoff year, and why this team is different: 

“I think the other years that we made the playoffs and we lost first round, we didn’t have the depth we have right now. Right now we have older players and younger players. We just have a good mix of guys. Having Carter in net, and Moose, they give us a chance to win every night. We just like the mix that we have in the locker room.  As the season went on, we kept getting better. We played more as a team and everybody was stepping up at the right time. As I said before, we’re extremely excited for next year, and we learned a lot from the Islanders series and even against Montreal Canadiens. We’ve just got to keep building here.”

Giroux, who became a new father not long ago, also pushed back on the idea that being away from home affected his performance.

If there was anything, I was more focused and had more motivation to win,” he said.

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