Lane Johnson Says He’s Playing in Week Two

underdogs Lane Johnson
via Twitter (Lane Johnson)

The Eagles are 6-12 without Lane Johnson during the Doug Pederson era, so obviously they need the big right tackle back on the offensive line as soon as possible.

Good thing he proclaimed himself ready to play on Derrick Gunn’s new podcast, the snippet of which Brandon Lee Gowton at Bleeding Green Nation was able to pull:

Derrick Gunn: Can we guarantee 100% that Lane Johnson will be out there against the Rams on Sunday?

Lane Johnson: I’m going to be out there, DGunn. I’m going to be out there, so, count on it.

Johnson had been dealing with an ankle injury that caused him to miss a large chunk of training camp. On the podcast, he explained that he felt fine going into camp and gave some more background about the injury:

“I had surgery about two weeks ago. A lot of it is really, you’ve got to reduce the swelling, it likes to swell up in the recovery process. A lot of it is getting strength and your bounce back. Really that’s it. Getting strength back, limiting the pain, and you should be ready to go.”

“The last two years were kind of leading up to this. It hadn’t been 100%. I took the hit in Jacksonville, then the hit last year against the Giants, so I’ve kind of been on one leg for some time. Once I get the strength back, I’m ready to be a different player.”

“I felt fine going into camp and then it’s one of those things in the scrimmage where I got nicked up, and then it had to be cleaned up. There’s a lot of scar tissue there, from past injuries, but other guys go through the same process. You break through that, rehab, get your strength back, and when that happens, you’ll be ready to go.”

Here’s the podcast link if you’d like to listen to the full thing.

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