Nebraska President Caught on Hot Mic Spilling Big 10 Football Announcement

from KETV Omaha

The University of Nebraska was not happy when the Big 10 decided to push back the fall football season, expressing disappointment in the decision before officials pulled rank and told them to fall in line.

With widespread annoyance over the fact that other conferences are playing right now, the Big 10 is circling back and talking about the possibility of beginning the season sooner, rather than later.

Enter Ted Carter, Nebraska’s President, who was caught on a hot mic Tuesday morning saying that the return announcement will be coming sometime today.

From KETV Omaha:

During small talk prior to the start of a news conference Tuesday morning, University of Nebraska President Ted Carter says an announcement of the Husker football season will come Tuesday afternoon or evening.

“We’re getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight”, said Carter in a conversation with Bob Hinson, director of the National Strategic Research Institute.

The two were at a podium, just moments prior to a news conference in Lincoln.

Here’s the video:


This is a great hot mic moment. Not as good as the time that Texas mayor forgot to turn his mic off while in the bathroom, but pretty good nonetheless.

But anyway – Penn State football?

We are! …possibly going to be playing in the fall.

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