NFL-Affiliated Account Tweets and Deletes Cheap Shot at Doug Pederson

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, we wrote about an exchange that Doug Pederson had with Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice, a non-confrontational but snippy response to a question about Carson Wentz missing easy throws during the first two games of the season.

There ain’t a throw out here that’s a layup,” said Pederson, pushing back on the idea that his franchise quarterback was misfiring on short routes and other gimmes. He asked Kempski, in a slightly snooty tone, if he had ever played QB in the National Football League.

The topic was discussed on sports radio and social media, and the “NFL Research” Twitter account decided to jump into the fray, adding to the forum with some advanced analytics to help tell the story.

But the entire Twitter thread was deleted after folks started clapping back at a Doug Pederson cheap shot that was tossed in at the end.

Screen shots here:

Fuck outta here with that last tweet. Unnecessary dig at a guy who won a Super Bowl with a backup quarterback. So what if he wasn’t Joe Montana during his playing days? This is the type of tweet you’d expect from Barstool or Deadspin, not a blue checkmark that serves as the “official Twitter account of the NFL Media Research Department,” as written in their profile.

It’s a perfect thread to sum up everything that sucks about sports Twitter right now:

  1. snarky tone
  2. use of advanced analytics to sound smart and explain things we can quite clearly see with our own two eyes
  3. cheap shot at somebody who doesn’t deserve it

Was Doug’s comment to Jimmy flippant? Maybe. Kempski said he wasn’t offended and called out the response for what it is – overreaction:

Correct. Doug was a little crabby, but he’s a Super Bowl-winning coach who is dealing with a struggling quarterback right now. He’s not a bad person and shouldn’t be taking cheap shots from a league-affiliated account.

“NFL Research” can take a hike.

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