Good morning, city. If you’re still trying to wash the taste of your sister out of your mouth following the Eagles’ tie with the Bengals yesterday, I suggest a mild soap and a strong breath mint. It works much better than the aw-shucks bison burgers Carson Wentz will show off on his Instagram later today.

Anyway, you’re gonna need something, because the latest chapter in Nick Foles lore isn’t going to help that slightly sour taste in your mouth.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, Nick Foles led the Bears on a furious comeback with three touchdown passes and 20 points in the fourth quarter yesterday… all while Carson Wentz sputtered to a tie so pathetic and uninspiring that his coach played for a 59-yard field goal attempt and didn’t trust him to gain, like, 10 more yards through the air.

Foles’ signature play was a 40-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Miller while BD was being absolutely swallowed up in what could only be generously described as a pocket. The lore builds from there:

“Foles looks at Anthony Miller and says, if it’s an all-out blitz, I need you to run to the L in the end zone. He’s like what? Run to the L in Atlanta Falcons in the end zone, just run there and I’ll find you… just go there if it’s an all-out blitz.”

Carson Wentz would’ve asked if it was a capital or lower-case L, or perhaps an I… nt.