Not Even Dan Orlovsky Can Defend that Carson Wentz Performance

Among national media supporters, Dan Orlovsky is firmly in Carson Wentz’s corner. The former NFL quarterback, who now works for ESPN, showed consistent backing for the Eagles signal-caller during last year’s up and down season, which finished on a strong note.

You know it’s bad though when a guy who has always showed you love starts laying down criticism, which is what Orlovsky did on Get Up this morning:

The point about the injuries is totally fair. If Wentz was able to lead a practice squad team to the playoffs last season, then figuratively he should be able to overcome the loss of Miles Sanders, Alshon Jeffery, and three offensive linemen, though the latter is obviously is a huge mess.

Hopefully he’s not broken entirely, or else Jalen Hurts might be on the field sooner rather than later, which would certainly please a significant portion of the Eagles fan base who thought they should have kept Nick Foles and never extended Carson in the first place.

(sorry about my mouth breathing in the video)

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