Two games isn’t a large sample size – or is it?

NFL teams only play 16 times during the regular season, so at this point in the year we’ve made it through 12.5% of the campaign. Carson Wentz, in this time frame, is putting up some of the worst numbers among all quarterbacks.

Some numbers to chew on:

  • 64.4 quarterback rating: ranked 33rd of 34 qualified players
  • 27.9 QBR (ESPN’s preferred stat): ranked 33rd of 34 qualified players
  • four interceptions: tied for most
  • 256 yards per game: 17th overall
  • six yards per pass: ranked 31st out of 34 QBs
  • 58.8 completion percentage: 29th overall
  • 30.6 completion percentage on first down: 29th overall
  • 4.4 air yards per attempt: 32nd overall
  • 85 passing attempts: 4th
  • 26 passing first downs: 20th (not good ratio for 85 total passes)
  • six completions of 20+ yards: tied for 10th
  • eight sacks: tied for most
  • 62 sack yards lost: ranked #1 among all quarterbacks, worst number in the league (obviously this is not entirely his fault, but still)


It’s pretty rough.

The advanced numbers look poor, too, obviously. Over at the NFL Next Gen page, Carson has an expected completion percentage of 67.7%, but his actual completion percentage is in the high 50s, giving us a net number of -8.8, which is second-worst behind Dwayne Haskins. That’s with an average of 2.61 seconds in “time to throw,” which is right in the middle of the NFL pack.

This chart is a good illustration of just how bad his Sunday was. It shows just two pass attempts of 20+ yards, one of which was the end zone interception:

On attempts of 15+ yards, Carson was 1-4 with a pick. This is with DeSean Jackson and Jalen Reagor on the field, so the “he doesn’t have a deep threat” narrative is invalid this season.

Here’s another good Wentz stat, from Paul Hembekides:


He notes that the Eagles have lost 15 of 29 Carson Wentz regular season starts dating back to 2018, which is just over 50%. They’ve averaged 23 points per game during that stretch, which is right around the NFL average. It’s all very mediocre across the board.

This has been your latest update on how stinky Carson is playing in 2020.