Phillies GM Matt Klentak Talks (Sort of) Job Security, Realmuto Situation

It’s gotta be a weird time to be Phillies general manager Matt Klentak.

At 27-26, his team enters the final week of the regular season clinging to one the National League’s final two playoff spots. And yet a disastrous bullpen (that has produced a 7.15 ERA) and the ongoing negotiation, or lack of a negotiation, with J.T. Realmuto have his approval rating among fans at an all-time low.

Klentak spoke with reporters ahead of tonight’s series opener in Washington, and after noting how proud he is of the Phillies for overcoming a variety of obstacles this season, the two money questions were asked by NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury. The exchange:

Salisbury: Matt, how would you self-scout your performance this year, and do you think you need to make the playoffs to ensure that you will return in this role next year?

Klentak: You know, Jim, again, I think right now our focus is on the next seven games, and if we take care of business in the next seven games, I think then we can start looking forward to hopefully would be an exciting October. We can talk about after the season is over, we can look back and kind of go through the post-mortem.

Salisbury followed with another burning question.

Salisbury: On a different topic, does Sixto’s [Sanchez] performance in Miami put more pressure to get a deal done with J.T. Realmuto?

Klentak’s response:

If you’re wondering how his response is going over with the fans, feel free to check out the replies to the above tweet.

Anyway, his answers to these two particular questions were, I don’t know, evasive, I guess? And while his answer (non-answer) on Realmuto doesn’t necessarily indicate the team will or won’t eventually get a deal done, his words certainly aren’t going to fire up the masses ahead of what remains a possible postseason appearance.



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