“What’s that Bear Doing?” – Robby Anderson’s Introduction to the Carolina Mascot is Great

via Twitter

Robby Anderson is new to Carolina, having linked up with his former Temple coach Matt Rhule after four seasons with the New York Jets.

He had a fantastic game on Sunday, hauling in six passes for 115 yards and a touchdown, but perhaps his best contribution was to social media, with this amusing clip of teammates explaining who the Panthers’ mascot is:

“What’s that bear doing?”

This is pretty good. I watched it three or four times in a row and laughed out loud at the part where Anderson says, “you call him that?

Honestly though, if you didn’t know the team mascot, you could look at Sir Purr and think he’s a bear. He’s big and brown and the whiskers are hard to see from the jumbotron.

Anyway, thank you for the laugh, Robby Anderson.

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