Wisconsin Fan Thinks Saving Big 10 Football is Similar to D-Day and the Osama Bin Laden Raid

via Twitter

Ever heard of a guy named David Hookstead? Apparently he writes for Daily Caller and some other conservative political sites, but those bylines aren’t listed in his Twitter profile. It just says “You can find me watching college football. King of Wisconsin Badgers athletics.” He’s a blue checkmark with 18,000 followers.

Apparently he’s one of the people who was spear-heading the politicized push to get the Big 10 playing football again, and when the conference announced a return to play this morning, he published the most asinine fucking tweet I’ve ever seen:

Surely this guy has to be trolling right? This cannot be a serious tweet. D-Day? Osama Bin Laden raid? Did David Hookstead fly into Abbottabad in the middle of the night with Seal Team 6? Did he storm the beaches of Normandy in an effort to liberate France and turn World War 2 in the Allies’ favor?

Let’s start building the David Hookstead statue for his tireless devotion to bringing back Big 10 football. He is a true American in every sense of the word. When I think of this country’s great heroes, I think Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Chesley Sullenberger, and David Hookstead.

Next time you see Mr. Hookstead, shake his hand. Tip your cap. Thank him for his service.

(even if it’s a troll job, he’s still a loser)

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