Alshon Jeffery Continues to Take Up a Roster Spot While Not Playing

Alshon Jeffery vs Cowboys
Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What the hell is going on with Alshon Jeffery? The foot, we’re told, is fine, but now the calf is keeping him out.

And today Doug Pederson said he didn’t know exactly when that injury occurred:

Well, I’m not necessarily sure, specifically. It was in practice, I guess two weeks ago, we had a Thursday game, so he didn’t do much last week. I believe he injured it in practice, not sure specifically what play or when it was. But listen, we’ve got a little time with the bye coming up and listen, I’m optimistic now moving forward especially after the bye, hopefully we get some guys back and he’s one of them.”

Does Jeffery even want to play? Do the Eagles want him to play? Why didn’t they just put him on IR or PUP instead of using an active roster spot on a guy who wasn’t ready?

Doug on that:

“I’ve answered this question before about three or four weeks on these guys. Listen, before the season started, we were optimistic that he was going to play somewhere week four, week five. Listen, I would have loved to have him played against San Francisco or Pittsburgh or somebody, it just wasn’t there. I’m not going to go back and say, ‘What if?’ I mean, those are all hypothetical scenarios. But we are where we are right now today with him and he’s getting better and he’s getting healthy and like I said, I’m optimistic. We’ve got this game and then we got a bye and then eight more football games. We’ve got a lot of guys in situations where we hope to get them back here in the second half of the season.”

It seems like the Eagles don’t even care whether Jeffery plays or not, which is fine, but the fact that he continues to take up a roster spot is annoying. They probably kept him off IR/PUP in order to explore trades, which didn’t materialize, so just put the guy on the shelf, or cut him and eat the salary, and give the roster spot to somebody who actually can play.


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