Appalling Non-Response to Dirty Hit Proves that the Cowboys are Losers who have Quit on Their Teammates

The Dallas Cowboys lost 25-3 to the Washington Football Team on Sunday afternoon.

They looked absolutely atrocious in defeat, gaining 142 yards, allowing 397 yards to a Kyle Allen-quarterbacked team, and showed the heart and desire of the 2015 Phillies as they fell to 2-5 on the season.

Last week, you may recall, anonymous Cowboys players came out and ripped their coaches, saying the staff was unprepared, clueless, and in over their heads. They’ve very obviously quit on Mike McCarthy and Mike Nolan, but the mark of cowardly losers is when you also quit on your teammates, and that’s what happened after Washington’s Jon Bostic was ejected for this hit on Andy Dalton:

There wasn’t a single response from any Dallas player after that hit. Not one of them went up to Bostic and confronted him. No scuffle, nothing. Nobody went to defend their teammate, which resulted from this take via McCarthy after the game, courtesy of Jon Machota:

“We speak all the time about playing for one another, protecting one another. It definitely was not the response you would expect.”

Wrote Dan Orlovsky on Twitter:

“The fact no 1 on @dallascowboys went after Bostic on the Dalton hit is an absolute embarrassment for everyone wearing that uniform. You’re ok getting whooped on the scoreboard AND getting punked?”

And former Eagle Emmanuel Acho, who is now with FOX:

“I don’t condone violence, but the fact that NO #Cowboys Offensive lineman tried to go after Bostic after that dirty hit on Dalton is….. telling.”

Huge embarrassment. Could you imagine if Carson Wentz got rocked on that kind of hit and Jason Kelce just stood there? It would never happen. Lane Johnson? Nah. Jason Peters? The guy who punched Chris Baker in the face after a cheap shot on Nick Foles? Nah. Even the generally-docile Zach Ertz went after Eric Reid two years ago following a late hit on his quarterback.

So not only do the Cowboys absolutely stink on the field, but they’ve quit on their teammates in addition to their coaches. They have no heart and no guts and nobody should be surprised.

(update – Bostic isn’t being suspended for that hit, which is ridiculous)

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