Baldy’s Breakdowns: Misdirection, Carson Wentz, and BG Time

Eagles win?


Baldy’s breakdowns?


Great way to start off the weekend, with some entertaining analysis of the comeback victory from a former Philadelphia Bird.

Clip #1:

“Could this many Eagles players all bite on that fake?”

This reminds me of the Ray Ray McLoud run in Pittsburgh. The Eagles defense really does bite hard on misdirection and motion and teams should see this on film and look to exploit it. Los Angeles did a great job beating the Birds with lateral movement and these kinds of designs.

Clip #2:

“They just don’t execute in parts of their plays.”

This is a similar sequence, with eight Eagles around the ball handler at one point and only three defensive backs in a position to make a play if that reverse is completed. Luckily for them, the penetration blows up the play before New York can do what they’re trying to do, but it’s another instance of massing numbers in one area and selling out to go with the perceived ball carrier, or the first read or option on a play.

Clip #3:

“He just has this knack.”

Graham has been really good this year. Kind of a shame that the team stinks to the point where good storylines are getting overshadowed, and his play is certainly one of those storylines.

He beats a double team to force a fumble and seal the win for his team. Can’t really do it any better than that. It was a killer play.

Clip #4:

“We’ll call it the great, the good, and the not so good.”

This might be the longest clip Baldy has ever posted, but it’s great analysis. And we know the Travis Fulgham read there was the “Raider” call Wentz was shouting from under center.

It’s such an incredible gulf between Carson’s best and Carson’s worst. Thankfully we got more of the former last night, and less of the latter.

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