College Gameday is Headed to Penn State, for What Should Have Been a Matchup of 1-0 Teams

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State got screwed on Saturday.

And look, you have to make the argument that it shouldn’t have to come down to overtime with Indiana on the road, that good teams don’t lose when they out-gain their opponents 488 to 211 yards. Good teams don’t turn the ball over three times and shoot themselves in the foot the way Penn State did on Saturday. The defense was given an eight-point lead with 1:42 on the clock and allowed Indiana to go 75 yards on seven plays, then convert the two-point attempt to send the game to overtime.

They shouldn’t have been in a position to lose 36-35 when this conversion was ruled successful:

It’s an insanely close call. This is one of those perfect examples of not having enough evidence to overturn the call on the field, which was a successful try.

When you look at it from this angle, it looks like the ball is touching the white sideline before hitting the pylon, which would rule it out of play. But we can’t tell from this specific camera shot whether or not the tip of the ball has crossed the plane of the goal line.

Here’s another angle I found on Twitter:

Dunno, that also seems to be inconclusive. It’s so close. I personally believe, as Miss Teen South Carolina once said, that this conversion should have been overturned.

The broadcast did show a third replay, from further out, and even here it’s hard to tell if the ball breaks the plane before touching the white out of bounds line:

Anyway, there’s no way to go back and change it now.

According to the Athletic’s Matt Brown, Penn State is only the second team to gain more than 475 yards while allowing fewer than 225 yards, and go on to lose a game. Oregon did it in 2004 and ironically also lost to Indiana that year.

So that has to be the story, the fact that the Lions just weren’t good enough on the day. It shouldn’t have come down to the crazy two-point conversion in the first place.

But congratulations, because 0-1 PSU is getting College Gameday in a year where Beaver Stadium can’t be filled up and fans are limited due to the pandemic. It just takes a lot of the shine off of a game we anticipate each year.

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