Dave Fipp Thinks Cre’Von LeBlanc’s Nickname is “Scrap”

Cre’Von LeBlanc, BIG forced fumble in Sunday night’s win.

He’s a cult figure on this Eagles squad, an unheralded guy out of Florida Atlantic who bounced around the NFL before landing with the Birds in 2018.

LeBlanc is pretty much strictly a DB these days, though he does get the occasional special teams snap, and coordinator Dave Fipp was asked about him at Tuesday’s media availability. That resulted in a bit of unintentional humor when he got LeBlanc’s nickname incorrect:

“I think he’s got the nickname of Scrap.”

Close. It’s actually “Strap,” which he picked up while a member of Patriots during his rookie season.

Here’s an explanation from Daniel Gallen at Penn Live:

“As LeBlanc tells the story of his nickname, he was on the field in New England with former cornerback Malcolm Butler, another former undrafted free agent who became the hero of the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLIX victory over the Seattle Seahawks at the end of his rookie year.

Butler’s nickname was “Scrap,” referencing to how he worked his way from West Alabama to a star on one of football’s modern dynasties. LeBlanc said Butler was “feisty, very tenacious, and he a baller.” Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower noticed the two and their similarities.

“Them boys out there strappin’ and scrappin’,” Hightower declared.

Butler was Scrap. LeBlanc became “Strap.”

“I just took it and ran with it,” LeBlanc said. “And I just used that as seeing everything that I earned and everything I do on the field. I’m a scrappy player. I strap for everything I have, and that’s like a slogan I go by — strap for it.”’

It’s kind of interchangeable, so Fipp is right there. He’s in the vicinity. It’s close enough.

More importantly, here’s a great angle of his forced fumble against San Fran:

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