Doug Pederson Drops an Absolutely Ridiculous Jason Peters and Jordan Mailata Quote

Photo credit: The News Journal-USA TODAY NETWORK

What is it with the Eagles and their loyalty to Jason Peters?

The guy is a Hall of Famer, we love him, and it’s time to let him ride out into the sunset. He can play guard for a few more games or back up Lane Johnson at right tackle.

One thing we don’t need is Peters displacing Jordan Mailata at left tackle, because Mailata has done an admirable job since stepping in earlier this season. He’s a massive human being, just 23 years old with insane athletic prowess and he’ll only improve in the technique department as he gets more game experience under his belt.

Earlier in the week Doug Pederson wouldn’t rule out Peters starting at left tackle on Sunday night, and today he dropped this head-scratcher of a quote regarding the process of picking out the starting offensive line:

“Well I wish I had Andre Dillard and Brandon Brooks and Isaac Seumalo. That makes a big difference there. But we’re gonna make the best decision for the football team moving forward. Jordan has played well and I’ll say this – I go back to Nelson Agholor a few years ago, and there was an opportunity for him to see the big picture himself. Don’t take me wrong here; I love where Jordan is and I love where his growth’s at, but if Jason Peters starts at left tackle it allows Jordan to see big picture as well, and step back, and observe that way. Sometimes that helps young players, too. Whatever the decision is at left tackle, really the whole offensive line, these guys are prepared, excited, and ready to go. We’re playing a really good front and it’s going to take all of those guys to put up a good performance.”

Oh my God, that quote makes me want to stick needles in my eyes.

Look, if Lane Johnson can’t go on Sunday, then Jason Peters and Jordan Mailata at the tackle spots is fine. Whatever. It is what it is.

But if Johnson is healthy, there’s no reason to go back to JP at left tackle and displace Mailata, who is doing just fine out there in Andre Dillard’s absence. Let Peters play right guard, which is what you originally were going to do, and upgrade from Matt Pryor and/or Sua Opeta and Jamon Brown. They’ll be fine with a line of Mailata, Nate Herbig, Jason Kelce, Jason Peters, and Lane Johnson.

Mailata doesn’t need to “step back” and see the “big picture,” as Doug says. He’s literally been sitting there watching and learning FOR TWO YEARS NOW! How long does he need? Three years? Four years? Clearly the guy is ready, and he’s doing fine, yet this team can’t get enough of the 38 year old who bullied them into more money and can’t stay healthy.

Don’t overthink it, Doug. Jordan Mailata doesn’t need to sit and watch and learn from Jason Peters any longer. Enough of this insanity, and if it’s Howie Roseman telling Doug what to do, then Howie needs to take a hike.

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