Eytan Shander, Harry Mayes, Barrett Brooks Teaming Up for What Appears to be a New Show

Moving and shaking in the Philadelphia radio world. Or maybe TV world?

There’s a new show coming soon, apparently. That’s what the Crossing Broad radar is picking up right now, but it’s just a blip. I have no idea whether this is a radio show, web show, or television show, but I was provided with this graphic, which would appear to preview a trio of Harry Mayes, Eytan Shander, and Barrett Brooks:

Not Malcolm in the Middle, just The Middle. That’s what the show is being called, it would seem.

For some context here, Mayes just split with Tony Bruno, after SiriusXM and Sports Map Radio (formerly SB Nation) decided to cut ties following Tony’s comments about NBA player literacy, or lack thereof. Harry worked with Eytan briefly on the Derailed podcast before teaming up to host the midday show at 97.3 ESPN in South Jersey.

Barrett is still at NBC Sports Philadelphia, working as an analyst on a variety of platforms and programs. He’s a TV guy, and Harry and Eytan are radio dudes, though both have been on camera plenty of times (Eytan does those hits with FOX 29).

We’ll find out more. I will “effort” more information, as we like to say in the business.

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