Fake Deadspin’s Adam Schefter Story is Pitiful Even by Fake Deadspin Standards

Moral dilemma here –

Is writing about the fake Deadspin worth the free publicity they would receive in turn?

Maybe, maybe not, but we gotta point out how absolutely insane this story is, a story by Julie DiCaro titled “BREAKING: Adam Schefter is a vacuous turd who embodies white male privilege.” DiCaro was most recently with 670 The Score in Chicago, but was laid off and joined the new zombie Deadspin, which was exhumed and reanimated in grotesque, necromantic fashion when the original Deadspin writers told new ownership to shove off and went and formed their own website, called Defector.

This Adam Schefter story centers around a joke involving the NFL trade deadline, which happens to fall on November 3rd, the same day as the election.

Schefty came out Tuesday with a wisecrack reading as such:

Heyo! Got ’em with the election day joke. Little bit of misdirection there from Schefter, like Ray Ray McLoud torching the Eagles for 58 yards on the end-around.

Problem is, you’re not allowed to joke about politics on Twitter these days, because this election is serious business. Donald Trump is the absolute worst, and if you don’t spend every waking minute trashing him on your social media accounts, or you make light of a critical juncture in American history, you are obviously a “vacuous turd who embodies white male privilege,” according to DiCaro and others like her.

She writes:

“This is a poor attempt at humor during a good year, and a “fuck you” to every non-white person who has been and continues to be deeply affected by the actions and policies of Donald Trump in 2020. While the President continues to refuse to disavow white supremacy (shoutout to Jemele Hill, who was light years ahead of the rest of America on this one), while COVID continues to ravage Black and brown communities at two and a half times more than white ones, while people wait in line to vote for upwards of 11 hours in Marietta, Ga., this is the joke Adam Schefter decided to make.”

I mean, come on. It’s just a trade deadline joke. Most people can walk and chew gum at the same time, which in this case means tweeting a little quip while simultaneously taking the election seriously. Just because the guy is being goofy on Twitter doesn’t mean he has his head buried in the sand and is ignorant to important sociopolitical issues currently playing out in this country.

More DiCaro:

“I know, I know, he was just joking, right? Okay, it was a bad joke, but he didn’t mean anything by it.

At what point, though, do we start holding people accountable for bad jokes that actively ignore harm to others in the name of scoring some Twitter likes? When do the white men who cover largely Black leagues have to walk a mile in the players’ shoes?”

So.. now we’re not allowed to tell jokes. Can’t tell a joke during Donald Trump’s presidency, or else you’re an insensitive and privileged person who doesn’t care about others. That’s the argument she’s making here. You have to be 100% serious about 100% serious matters all the time, and the guy who gets paid to report on football (not sociopolitical issues) can’t do a trade deadline joke, or else he’s a mediocre and problematic white man.

The new Deadspin is so bad. It’s like the scabs have been instructed to recreate the old Deadspin, but they’re trying way too hard, with cringe writing and cringe headlines, like Tony Bruno is a “radio scrotum”, Adam Schefter is a “vacuous turd,” and similar stuff that makes Barstool look mature and composed in comparison.

The ultimate irony is that the new owners wanted the original staff to “stick to sports,” which led to their resignation en masse. But instead of following through with the change in direction, G/O Media hired a bunch of people who aren’t as talented as the Defector crew, and then went back to the politically-infused stories anyway. They ended up with the same website, but with a monolithic dip in quality, which makes it quite possibly the dumbest decision-making sequence in modern “journalism.”

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