Jamon Brown, folks.

The Eagles pulled the former Falcons and Rams starter off the Chicago practice squad to start for the absent Matt Pryor on Sunday, and he didn’t play very well against the Ravens. During one sequence he barreled over Carson Wentz for a sack, and on this sequence here he appears to be adjusting his gloves during a live play:

I watched this 10 times in a row and started laughing out loud because it’s really an incredibly dumb play. Calais Campbell tries to go inside of Brown, but he stumbles and takes out his teammate Pernell McPhee in the process. Brown’s momentum carries him into Jordan Mailata, whom he dispatches with a brutal head butt. Then Brown stands up and starts fixing his gloves while Wentz is trying to evade Justin Ellis and get rid of the ball.

Originally I thought Brown was holding his arm because of the contact with Mailata, but it doesn’t look like he’s hurt. You’d think he’d go to the ground or keel over if that was the case. But he pauses, looks to be fiddling with his hands, and then decides to look for somebody to block after it’s too late.

Great play. One of the best plays ever.