Jeff Garcia Doesn’t Think Cam Newton’s Clothing is Appropriate for His Current Level of Play

via Patriots

Jeff Garcia, Eagles legend.

Well not really, but that 2006 run was something else. Five wins in a row to finish the year? Playoff win over the Giants? It was a really fun ride that ended with a three point loss to the Saints, the famous false start penalty on the Hank Baskett completion that should have moved the sticks.

Garcia is now doing analysis for the NBC Sports regional out in the Bay Area, and after the Niners clobbered the Patriots Sunday night, he went off on Cam Newton and his wardrobe:

That video clip was tweeted out by the NBC San Francisco account, then deleted. I’m kind of surprised Garcia wasn’t labeled a racist or cancelled already.

Interestingly enough, Newton took the high road and ‘agreed’ with him, saying this on WEEI 97.3 up in Boston:

“You know what’s crazy, I agree with him. And the fact that he’s a former player, he has every right to say that. Until that happens, so be it. But, that’s another opinionated theory, and it’s fair to say. I know I come off to so many different people so many different ways, and that’s fine. You know what, he’s exactly right. But, I’m not changing the way I dress. I’m sorry.”

On the surface, it seems a little corny, a little old school that you’d be bothered by what somebody is wearing. It doesn’t have anything to do with how he performs on the field. That’s always been something that annoys people in the OPTICS department, the idea that it seems like Newton is putting a lot of time into choosing his outfits when he should be in the film room or practicing, or whatever people think he should be doing to get out of this performance rut.

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