Kyle Lowry Making a Cameo in New Adam Sandler Movie

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is a story that Kyle will be sure to enjoy. Maybe he’ll give me a promotion.

Former Villanova star and NBA champion Kyle Lowry is doing a cameo in a new Adam Sandler movie, which is filming in Philadelphia.

Here’s the relevant snippet from a Sports Illustrated write up:

Lowry will be joining Sandler and LeBron James in a new Netflix movie called Hustle, Sandler told Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

“I’m getting ready to do a basketball movie, a scout movie where I’m playing an NBA scout and I discover a player in Spain and I bring him to America. It’s that kind of story, it’s going to be really cool,” Sandler said.

It will feature Lowry who will do a “quick little thing” in Philadelphia, Lowry’s hometown, Sandler said, along with “loads of NBA guys in it.”

I’m told that Lowry’s cameo involves him flopping and then complaining to the ref.

Just kidding. He’s a good player. Annoying as hell if you’re playing against him, but a savvy vet and quality crunch time guy who makes any team better. I begrudgingly give respect to Kyle Lowry and look forward to seeing the movie.

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