Let’s Take a Cryptic John Kincade Tweet and do Some Speculation

via Twitter (John Kincade)

John Kincade was recently laid off by 680 the Fan in Atlanta, after quite a long stint down there in the dirty south.

A Broomall native, his name always comes up when there’s a Philadelphia radio opening, and it’s been rumored for years that Angelo Cataldi is amicable to the idea of handing his show to Kincade when he finally retires.

We reached out to John a few weeks ago, who told us that everything is on the table for his next gig, which includes a Philadelphia return. He did say that he doesn’t plan on working again until 2021, and is taking the rest of the year off.

Today he posted this picture from the world’s worst airport, Philadelphia international, with no caption:

Oh my God, what does it mean?! Is he interviewing with 94 WIP? Meeting Beasley executives in Bala? Is he just here to see his family or get a Primo hoagie? (they don’t have a lot of great sandwich shops in Georgia).

We previously did some spitballing on where Kincade might end up if he did come home to do radio. At WIP, he has an existing relationship with Cataldi, and would make sense for that show, but Angelo just signed a new contract and the slot is not available.

Would he work middays at WIP?


Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie are winning their time slot and that show doesn’t need a change. Same with PM drive, where Jon Marks and Ike Reese have now defeated Mike Missanelli a few books in a row. Joe Giglio is doing well at nights, so there’s no reason to upset the balance at WIP, not on any of their day parts.

The Fanatic is interesting. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the morning show is up for grabs, first with the mostly bullshit Craig Carton rumor, and also from various behind-the-scenes chatter. But this would be an odd landing spot for Kincade, who would go up against a friend in Cataldi and also compete with two other successful Beasley morning shows in Preston and Steve and John DeBella’s program on MGK. I don’t know if it would make sense to pay Kincade decent money to saturate the morning market further and fight for a smaller portion of the ratings pie.

Middays is interesting, though I think Beasley likes Anthony Gargano. The ratings aren’t fantastic, but The Cuz is good with sponsors and has a veteran presence on a station that trends younger in the talent department.

Surely, Missanelli’s show wouldn’t be in trouble, would it? Mike has slipped a bit in the ratings recently, and his contract is reportedly up soon, so the timing for a switch would be there, if Beasley wanted to do it. It’s hard to imagine the Fanatic moving on from their most recognizable and historically successfully host, but if you were going to make room for Kincade, or anybody, that’s a time slot where 97.5 can and should be competitive.

(FYI, we’re told that Beasley wasn’t thrilled with the recent headphone-throwing incident and some of the political talk taking place on the air and also on Twitter) 

It’s something to chew on. Maybe Kincade is here to interview with one or both of the stations. Maybe he’s just here to visit family and swing by Tony Luke’s. We’ll monitor the RADIO WARS frequencies for suspicious activity.

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