Local Guy Requests Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary After Hammering His Buddy in Fantasy Football

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How’s your fantasy football team doing?

I lost by 15 points because three of my draft picks are now on injured reserve and the COVID-forced bye weeks screwed me up.

But nobody cares about my fantasy team, and this story is actually about a guy who asked the Inquirer about posting an obituary for his friend, whom he absolutely crushed this past weekend:

Tyreek Hill is indeed a beast. He caught three passes for 78 yards against Vegas and added a rushing touchdown, which means he’s now scored in every game this season.

What we need here is a follow up from Megan Griffith-Greene. Will the Inquirer allow this obituary to be posted? It sounds like Darnell really got his ass kicked. We will contact Ms. Griffith-Greene with a media request and update the story where appropriate.

RIP Darnell.

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