Mike Missanelli Clarifies That He is Not Threatening the Vice President of the United States

We’re all feeling pretty riled up about the election. Lots of strong opinions out there. If social media was not previously a cesspool, it certainly is now, with all sorts of random blathering about Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the Venn Diagram of sports and politics comes together in 2020 to resemble one circle instead of two.

97.5 the Fanatic’s veteran PM drive host Mike Missanelli is among the fired up Americans who can’t wait to give Donald the boot in November. His Twitter timeline these days is about 97% politics and 3% sports, a ratio that not even Dave Zirin and Jemele Hill can match.

Tweeted Mike earlier today:

Some people took that the wrong way, thinking it was a threat, as if Mike is going to throw some guns in the back of his car and drive to Salt Lake City in a lone wolf attempt to take out the Vice President. Like he’s the Philly sports unabomber or Walter White going after the neo-Nazis in Breaking Bad, season six.

He was not threatening actual violence, but deleted the tweet (always a good idea) to offer this clarification:

Alright, it’s all good. Mike isn’t going to get cancelled or anything like that. He didn’t criticize Maria Taylor’s clothing or question NBA player literacy, so we don’t foresee complications from this tweet.

Let’s get through the election and then we can get back to political pundits talking politics and sports pundits talking sports.

Let’s get it back to the Eagles.