More Fantastic Pettiness on Display in the Dodgers/Padres Series

via Jomboy

Baseball purists always seem to focus on what you can’t do, or what you’re not supposed to do.

Can’t flip your bat, because it’s disrespectful. Can’t add a DH to the National League, because it goes against tradition. Can’t steal a base while up by six runs, because it’s an “unwritten rule.” Blah blah blah, so on and so forth.

I’d posit that the petty drama and ensuing conflict makes the game engaging and fun, and adds some emotion to it. We want to see Manny Machado bat flips and Joe Kelly giving the Houston Astros the pouty face after throwing behind Alex Bregman.

There was great pettiness and drama in last night’s Dodgers/Padres game, which the one and only Jomboy broke down for us:

Fuck outta here bitch!” made me laugh out loud.

This is great. This makes me want to watch game three. This is the kind of stuff that makes baseball fun and pulls people back into the sport and gets them to care.

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