Nathan Gerry’s Coverage Statistics are Among the NFL’s Worst

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Weekly Nathan Gerry coverage update here from Thomas Petersen:

That’s from Pro Football Focus.

The Gerry thing we’d have to say is an indictment on Howie Roseman, because the GM just didn’t give the head coach or defensive coordinator a legitimate group of linebackers to work with. On most NFL teams, the group of Gerry, Duke Riley, T.J. Edwards, Alex Singleton, and Shaun Bradley would be special teamers. And then the third round pick is a project linebacker who barely played football before he got to college.

That’s the irony here, that everybody is calling for Gerry to be yanked in order to make room for… who? The consensus right now is that you can’t get any worse at the linebacker position, so you might as well give somebody else a try there. Otherwise, you’d be looking at playing six defensive backs in a dime look, and teams would just audible to running plays and gash your smaller guys up the middle, because you wouldn’t have linebackers in the gaps.

It’s a Howie Roseman thing. Kenneth Murray was sitting there at 21 but they went for Jalen Reagor instead, who could turn out to be a great player. Hard to know until he’s healthy.

But Murray looks like the real deal and tackles in a way that Philly would appreciate: