No Social Distancing as Eagles Fans Clobber Some Guy at Lincoln Financial Field

via Instagram: its_dyl_doe

Lincoln Financial Field welcomed fans for the first time this season, and it just wouldn’t be an Eagles home game without some dipshits getting into a fight and giving the national media another reason to trash us and tell us we’re all degenerates and losers.

Barstool shared this from an Instagram account, a video appearing to show a couple of Eagles fans fighting somebody who we think is Ravens fan, though the guy doesn’t appear to wearing a Ravens jersey and it’s hard to tell what that branding is on his shirt:

Couple of thoughts here:

  1. the Eagles fans are controlling the high ground, so of course they’re going to win
  2. it’s two Birds fans vs. one Ravens fan, not a fair fight (it never is)
  3. hilarious that “Fly Eagles Fly” is playing in the background when the fight starts
  4. no masks or protective gear anywhere to be seen


There were less than 7,500 people allowed in the stadium and some corny melee took place anyway.

You have to wonder what’s going on here. Did the Ravens fan insult the Eagles fans’ mothers, or vice versa perhaps? Did the Eagles fans say that the Inner Harbor sucks? That The Wire was a crappy series? Could be anything, but in the meantime a couple of idiots do something idiotic and now everybody is dunking on us again.

Thanks a lot.

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