Philadelphia Officials Recommending No Holiday Family Gatherings

This is sure to go over well:

It’s just a recommendation right now, so it doesn’t mean anything. It’s like Governor Wolf recommending that we have no high school sports, but not actually mandating it, which caused the PIAA to go into panic mode and have emergency meetings with state officials and all of that nonsense.

My take is that it should be illegal to issue “recommendations” because they serve no purpose other than to scare people or piss them off. Just tell residents what they can and cannot do, and leave no gray area, because at this point people have already decided how they feel about COVID and how they’re going to live. The people who are locked up in their houses are going to stay in their houses and the people playing pickup basketball without a mask will continue to do that. You’re not changing minds by issuing “recommendations.”

If Commissioner Farley is making this statement in October, do we really think that fans will be back inside the Wells Fargo Center for Flyers, Sixers, or Wings games in a few months? We only just began to allow Eagles fans to return to the Linc two weeks ago, so it’s just hard to see a scenario where local basketball and hockey has fans in the stand. I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.