Pro Football Doc Commends Clay Travis for Not Blowing Whistle on Forbidden Titans Training Session

Here’s a doozy of a story.

We all know about the Tennessee Titans’ COVID-19 outbreak, which resulted in the shuttering of their facility last week. They aren’t allowed to train and can’t do anything together outside of the complex.

NFL reporter Paul Kuharsky published a story on Wednesday claiming that Titans players were working out at a Nashville private school anyway, his story including pictures that show a group of guys on the practice field.

The interesting twist is that Clay Travis’s son apparently goes to that school, and David Chao, the longtime former San Diego Chargers team doctor (and an Outkick contributor), said today that Travis knew about the workout but didn’t tell anyone:

Just to be clear, this is him commending Clay Travis for not blowing the whistle on the Titans. Obviously that was met with disagreement by a number of people who felt like Travis should have said something, considering the fact that this is a public health crisis.

Said Chao in response to that:

There are two different stories intertwined here, so let’s begin with the first one:

Should the Titans have been practicing privately? No. They were apparently told they could not do that.

Wrote Kuharsky:

A group of Titans worked out at Montgomery Bell Academy on Sept. 30 despite an NFL directive not to hold such get-togethers while team headquarters was closed because of a COVID-19 outbreak, according to sources who saw players there.

A league source said that once the Titans building was closed down on Sept. 29, the franchise was told there were to be “no in-person meetings, workouts or activities at the facility or elsewhere.”

Students at the private school saw a large group of adult football players they identified as Titans working out on the school’s field during classes in the middle of the day. Another source said he saw Ryan Tannehill there.

The second story is about blowing the whistle. Should a young kid go public if he sees something like this happening? Should the elder Travis do it for him?

That’s for you to decide. Obviously it goes beyond tattling, since there are significant health ramifications that come from something like this. It’s not like Clay’s son heard somebody use a naughty word and then ran to the teacher to tell them. It’s a little more serious than that, and it affects people beyond the Titans players.

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