Report: Sixers Adding Two Front Office Members


Thanks to Keith Pompey for this report, because it’s a slow news day:

Not Spencer Dinwiddie, but Peter Dinwiddie, who worked with Larry Bird, Kevin Pritchard, and Donnie Walsh out there in Indy. That’s a franchise that overachieved in recent years considering their lack of star power and the fact that Indiana isn’t a big fancy draw like LA or New York.

There’s not a lot of info out there on Karangwa, but he’s been with Orlando since 2012 and played college ball at Siena and had a short pro career in France and Germany.

The real question Sixers fans will ask, aside from looking for confirmation of Keith’s report, is whether or not this means anything for Alex Rucker and Ned Cohen, the two poor guys who have been saddled with the “Colangelo leftovers” moniker, which may or may not be fair. We don’t really know. We don’t how much influence they had on the disastrous offseason that resulted in a 6th seed and first round playoff sweep.

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