The “Bill Simmons Podcast Podcast” Looks to be in Jeopardy After Intellectual Property Complaint

This is a goofy and somewhat dumb story, but maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it.

There’s a Philly-based podcast that talks about The Bill Simmons Podcast, which is aptly named The Bill Simmons Podcast Podcast. The show is exactly what you think it is, with two local guys named Chris and Matt commenting on Simmons’ takes while dropping in some soundbites from his show.

This apparently did not please The Ringer, and perhaps Simmons himself, because the show has been pulled off of Anchor, following an intellectual property rights complaint from Spotify, which bought The Ringer recently for $200,000,000.

Here’s the claim passed on via Anchor:


Pretty standard notification right there.

Here’s the follow-up email explaining that the appeal from The Bill Simmons Podcast Podcast was rejected:

At this point, it would seem as though the future of The Bill Simmons Podcast Podcast is in jeopardy. The show remains up on Youtube, but has been yanked from the host site with no path forward. Is there a compromise to be made somewhere? Could they change the name of the show? Desist with their use of Bill Simmons soundbites?

Or are we putting The Bill Simmons Podcast Podcast permanently to rest?

Perhaps we can get Bill on the phone with Chris and Matt and work out a deal. They can continue their satirical program but they have to donate all of their proceeds to a charity of Bill’s choosing, or Pearl Jam’s choosing. Maybe something like that would be agreeable for all parties, and we find a compromise here.

Only time will tell.

(We reached out to The Ringer for a statement and will update this important story as necessary.)

First update is actually the letter TBSPP sent to Spotify:

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