The Great Philadelphia Eagles Podcast Debate

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Everybody has an Eagles podcast in this city. Name an ex-player or a media member from this city and they probably have a bird punned Eagles podcast that claims to be the best in the city. Hell, the author of this post has an extraordinarily unpopular podcast (insert obligatory Let’s Go To The Phones promotion here) that you’ve definitely never heard. I even understand that your mom has an Eagles podcast that’s very popular with the fellas out there.

But which are worth listening too? Other than your mom’s of course? Let’s take a deep dive into the wonderful world of some very REAL and very FAKE Eagles podcasts currently available for your listening pleasure to determine exactly what you should be listening too.

Let the great Philadelphia Eagles podcast debate begin!

Gunn on One with Derrick Gunn: Veteran NFL reporter and TV anchor, Derrick Gunn, goes one on one with your favorite athletes, sports personalities and entertainers.

Alright, not bad! Everyone loves Derrick Gunn and you know he’ll be able to corral some A-List Philadelphia based guests to chew the fat with. My only criticism is each episode stands a HIGH CHANCE of being diverted GREATLY by Gunn’s well-documented love of grilling. I want to hear Brian Dawkins break down a Cover-2 defense and regale us with tales of Jim Johnson choke slamming Quintin Mikell through a post-game buffet after blowing an assignment, not give us his opinion on the pros and cons of charcoal briquettes.

Go Long, Farewell: Anthony SanFilippo and Glen Macnow discuss the Eagles, the theater and why the Corsi is ruining hockey.

Interesting! Everyone’s favorite sports talk radio personality in Macnow and one of the best hockey analysts in the city in SanFilippo discuss the ins and outs of getting the most out of a performer in “Cabaret,” if Miles Sanders should be cut for his comments about Eagles fans and why Shayne Gostisbehere is an affront to everything good and pure about hockey. A must listen.

Jake and the Fatman: Eagles kicker Jake Elliott and former Philadelphia sports talk host Josh Innes discuss the fine art of field goal kicking and getting kicked off the airwaves in every market you settle in.

Jake Elliott spends most episodes wondering how he’s still roped into a weekly podcast with a guy who hasn’t been in the Philadelphia market since 2016 and ponders firing his agent.

The No-Huddle Show: A Philadelphia Eagles Podcast: Eagles reporters Mike Kaye and Chris Franklin discuss the latest news and hot topics surrounding the team. reporters and Eagles beat writers Mike Kaye and Chris Franklin prep for each show by looking up synonyms for “awful” to describe the Eagles performance. There are only so many way you can ultimately describe the new and fresh ways the Eagles disappoint us in every facet of our lives.

Birds’ Eye View: The Philadelphia Inquirer’s coverage team of Les Bowen, Paul Domowitch and Jeff McLane take you inside the Eagles.

Mostly spend every episode sending threatening DMs to the No-Huddle Show for stepping on their Eagles turf. The rest of each episode is spent complaining about the amount of Eagles articles behind the Philadelphia Inquirer’s paywall.

Fair Weather Fans: Former Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris talks the Birds, Philadelphia sports and low-pressure fronts that will bring some delightful weather into our region which we’ll tell you all about right after this break.

John Bolaris predicted the last week’s Eagles/Bengals tie would be the GAME OF THE CENTURY and has since been relieved of his hosting duties.

Fowl Friends: Former Eagles defensive end Mike Mamula spends hours recounting the reasons he hates Philadelphia and its fans after years of combine jokes. Updates his ongoing list of Philadelphia sports personalities he hopes to punch in the face before he shuffles off this mortal coil. 

There are currently 300 episodes in the series with little signs of dwindling.

Inside the Birds: A podcast network on all things Philadelphia Eagles. Founded by veteran NFL insiders and reporters, Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan, the duo dive deep into the Philadelphia Eagles and give you the inside information that no one else can deliver. 

Mosher and Caplan welcomed Brian Westbrook to their latest episode and spent an hour-and-a-half yelling at him for not scoring that one touchdown against Dallas in 2007.

The Stormin’ Mormons: Reno Mahe, Andy Reid and Chad Lewis ask to take a few minutes out of our day to discuss the good word of Jesus Christ. Segments include Phony Call Friday, Guess the Porn Star and Bald or Shaved?

I’d listen to this in a heartbeat.

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