The Titans are Really Screwing this Up for Everybody Else

Photo Credit: @JuicySoto

COVID-19 is a great social study on how innocent people get dicked over by actions for which they have zero control. You could be following all the rules, keeping your distance, wearing a mask, and washing your hands, but along comes some doofus who isn’t taking this thing seriously, and puts the rule-adherents at risk.

The Tennessee Titans are a great example of this, because the outbreak currently taking place in their camp is screwing other NFL teams in the process. Last week it was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had to trade their week eight bye for a week four bye instead. This week, it’s the UNDEFEATED Buffalo Bills, who don’t even know if they’re going to have a game.

According to ESPN, there were more positive cases in Nashville on Thursday morning:

The Tennessee Titans had another player test positive for COVID-19 on Thursday morning, according to ESPN and multiple reports.

An inconclusive positive test from Wednesday also was confirmed positive Thursday, according to ESPN and reports, bringing the total number of positive tests within the Titans organization to 23 since Sept. 24.

The Titans’ facility remains closed, and the organization is still prohibited from in-person gatherings or activities.

The story goes on to say that the NFL and NFLPA sent reps to Tennessee to “look into possible violations of coronavirus procedures and protocols.” That will be interesting to find out, because it’s one thing if this was all because of some accident or carelessness, but another, much more serious thing if they were just blowing off the rules and ignoring the guidelines.

More from Diana Russini:

Saturday NFL games? At the same time as college games? Seems sacrilegious but these are extenuating circumstances, so why not?

There aren’t a lot of other options here. The NFL didn’t build additional bye weeks into the schedule, so every reschedule has to come with a corresponding move, or else another team gets dicked over.

That’s really the story of 2020, isn’t it? People who do everything right and follow all the rules, they get dicked over anyway.

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