Life comes at you fast.

The 1-3 Washington Football Team, losers of three straight games after beating the Eagles in week one, are benching Dwayne Haskins for Kyle Allen:

Confirmed by the Football Team’s official Twitter account.

Kyle Allen played for Ron Rivera in Carolina, so the move makes sense. He knows the system and had some okay performances in 2019, but he was a turnover machine and couldn’t stop throwing picks and fumbling the football. Same with Haskins this year, who logged three interceptions and fumbled the ball four times in four weeks of play. It’s sort of a wash in the turnover department. Feels like a lateral move? We’ll see.

The Birds don’t play these doofuses again until week 16, but with a four-game run of Rams/Giants/Cowboys/Giants, the Kyle Allen-led Washington Football Team might actually have a chance to get back in the win column.