“What is That? What’s the Call? What’s the Play?” – Baffled Brian Baldinger Attempts to Break Down Eagles/Steelers

Always appreciate Baldy’s Breakdowns on a Monday afternoon.

This week, the former Philadelphia Eagle is scratching his head as he looks at film from the Birds/Steelers game. If we’re gonna be disappointed, let’s join a former pro offensive lineman in trying to diagnose what exactly went wrong in the 38-29 loss in Pittsburgh.

Clip #1 –

“It has to be thrown right now.”

Bad sequence, and it happened early in the game. Carson isn’t going to have the best timing with a young rookie receiver, but if it’s there, just give it a heave. Yelling for him to get rid of the ball is getting old at this point, though to his credit, he improved a lot as the game went on.

Clip #2:

“Miles Sanders gets four great blocks.”

That was the ole’ 3rd and 9 coward’s draw play right there, just trying to gain back some yardage before the inevitable punt. They got some fantastic blocks right there, big contributions from the receivers and Jason Kelce putting another play on his career highlight reel.

Clip #3:

“What is that? What’s the call? What’s the play?”

This one was aggravating. You knew when Wentz pulled the ball down and ran that something was wrong, because it’s the total opposite of what he normally does. The silver lining is that he recognized that the play was completely busted and just tried to pick up a yard or two and salvage the down, at the expense of getting walloped.

Clip #4:

“This is the kind of power that he has.”

Jordan Mailata had another good game. Didn’t hear his name called very much, and Bud Dupree’s name wasn’t called until that one key play in the fourth quarter.

He’s just a massive human being, Mailata. For him to barely get clean contact on T.J. Watt and completely flatten him to the point where he’s on his back with a leg wedged underneath is scary power.

Look at the freeze frame:

It looks like he’s dead. Mailata has incredible physical tools and is only 23 years old. Imagine when he perfects his technique.

Clip #5:

“In one week, Travis Fulgham has become the Eagles’ entire passing game.”

Might be the best throw Wentz has made all year, if we’re being honest. It’s so odd to see an Eagles receiver run good routes, locate the football, and then go up and attack it. Haven’t had anything like that since 2017 Alshon Jeffery. Fulgham looks like the real deal and is a great sports story.

Clip #6:

Hurts so good.

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