Our consensus on Sunday evening was that the Eagles lost to a crappy 2-7 football team.

Brian Baldinger didn’t totally see it that way, and gushed over the Giants in his Monday morning breakdown series, sharing a handful of clips in which he credited Joe Judge’s team for playing a solid game.

I guess that’s true. They didn’t turn the ball over. They gashed the Eagles on the ground. As bad as the Birds were, the Giants played a pretty solid football game. We’re not above giving credit where it’s due.

We like to share Baldy’s tweets every week, because we always learn something from them, and this week I cut out a lot of the Giants crap and just tried to focus on the Eagles.

Clip #1:


“Angles beat you in the run game”

The Eagles really like this blocking scheme. You can go through the film from any game you’ll find them using it. They get Jason Kelce right up to the second level and trap/wham behind him with the guard and tight end.

Clip #2:


“Best looking play all day”

Yep. I could watch Jason Kelce pull and block in space all day long. I’d even be willing to pay somebody a few bucks to compile a video of nothing but Kelce pulling, screen blocking, and rag dolling linebackers and defensive backs.

Clip #3:


“If you catch the ball, this is what you have out here”

That Jalen Reagor play was a killer because the Eagles got exactly what they wanted. They had two blockers and their receiver entering the flat off orbit motion with plenty of room to work with.

That entire offensive series was hideous. Appalling.

Clip #4:


“You can’t throw the ball into the dirt”

To clarify, this first pass was deflected, which you saw on the backside replay from the broadcast. But Baldy is right; if Wentz sees that and just gets rid of it a tad earlier, it’s probably not getting batted. It shouldn’t happen too frequently with a QB who can look over the line like Carson. It’s not like he’s Kyler Murray trying to see over the trees.

Clip #5:


“The Giants came at ’em in every direction possible”

Yeah, it was ugly to watch. Not sure the Giants have “surpassed” the Eagles entirely, but you’ve got two teams moving in the opposite direction right now.

Clip #6:


“Doug Pederson has the perfect play call”

Correct. This was a good way to attack man-to-man with a single high safety. But Carson flinches and then the play is cooked.

That’s a sign of a QB who is low on confidence right now and not properly scanning the field. He needs a long vacation to clear his head. Maybe Doug Pederson, too.